I got into scrapbooking 6 years ago. I have been published over 120 times in various magazines including my fave, the now gone, Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. I have mostly had enough of being published, to tell you the truth, and am kind of moving away from that side of things. I used to publish for the fun of it, (certainly not the money!) but the fun is kind of diminishing now. The highlight of my publishing moments was being on the cover of Scrapbooking Memories Magazine, and being published in Cathy Zielske's own article in Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, USA.

I studied Graphic Design at Randwick (now Enmore) TAFE though I have hardly ever worked in the Graphic Design Field. Instead, I work for myself painting oil paintings, and have done this since I was 18. That is my real job - the job that pays! I have never wanted to take scrapbooking to a level where it is a job of any sort. I want it to remain a hobby that is my passion. I have run away from offers of design teams, teaching at stores (though I did try this once) and free product from companies, as I want to scrap for the love of it - not to sell a product or meet a deadline.  I scrap to tell the story and share information to my children. I couldn't care less what type of embellishment got used! Not that I don't like products or embellishments, but that is not where my interest lies. I now teach privately, and get together with friends for the occasional spontaneous scrap, where all we really do is eat and talk!

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